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All New Expanded Classes

All our classes are expanded in order to provide you with more detailed information. We take your education serious.  Now with more times to take our classes and more information in each class we aim to provide you full Mentoring to get you going and assure your success.

New 2013 Brochure: Class Details, Descriptions, Pricing, Days and Times in PDF format

For more information on classes, select the class on the left or click the Now Starting button. See Calendar for Dates or Download A Complete

Club and Cafe Classes Now Available. Learn how to open your own cafe or club in Oregon.

All New Course Materials Required

Announcing AHP Cannabis Inflorescence -Standards of Identity, Analysis, and Quality Control


Personal Gardening – Designed for beginners to quickly get you up and growing like a pro. This course is designed to show you how to complete your cycle in under 9 weeks, from beginning to end.

IG100 Indoor Organic Gardening Basics Part 1 Now Starting

                Indoor Basic Gardening with Stoney Girl Gardens

                Lets get growing – Basics on growing; methods, cycles, rooms, grow requirements, ventilation, lighting, selecting a plant. Part one of a two part course. The most extensive grow class you will ever take.

IG101 Indoor Organic Gardening Basics Part 2 Now Starting

                Indoor Basic Gardening with Stoney Girl Gardens

                Lets get growing – A two hour class on watering systems, planting, maintenance, mite control, harvesting and curing. Part two of a two part course. The most extensive grow class you will ever take.

AGT200 Advanced Gardening Techniques Now Starting

We will answer all your questions about Cloning, Seeds, Sexing, Strains, Insecticides, Pruning, Trimming, Shaping and more.

PL300 Production Gardening Now Starting

Designed to teach you to efficiently manage a 4 patient grow and prepares you for an OMMP Production License to grow for Dispensaries under I-28. Shows Multi Patient production techniques, patient relations, contracts, business information, licensing and much more.

Bree301 Breeding for Beginners Now Starting

Ever wanted to become a breeder or just curious as to how it is done? This course is designed to bring out your interests.



PL301 Patient Care included in PL300 class– Contracts, Standard Practices, Communication Now Starting

Good communication starts with a good contract that spells out the responsibilities of all individuals involved.  Learn how to prepare a contract, understand standard industry practices and procedures, keep up to date with ways to communicate. Now Included In PL300

Bus300 Doing Business with Dispensaries included in PL300 Class

Producers, you will need to know the ropes as you are opening a small business. Learn etiquette, policies and procedures to guide your business to success.

PL300 Production Gardening Now Starting

Designed to teach you to efficiently manage a 4 patient grow and prepares you for collective grows. Shows Multi Patient production techniques, patient relations, contracts, business information and much more.

DSP 100 Introduction to Oregon Clubs Now Starting

Designed to teach you to efficiently and responsibly open and operate a Club or Cafe. Includes extensive information on Front and Back operations, management, security, starting your non profit, marketing, start up costs, costs of goods, safe handling, bud tending, community responsibilities, legal issues, inspections and much more.

Bus101 Employers Guide to Medical Marijuana, ADA, and the Right To Work

Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act and how Medical Marijuana affects procedures and policies. Learn how to work with persons with disabilities.  Learn to write a good employee manual and create drug testing measures that meet the ADA and needs of Medical Marijuana patients who may be in your workplace.  Don't get caught in a lawsuit during this time of emerging medical practices.


AW Becoming an Activist       

AW 100 Getting Started With Politics Now Starting

Bringing Marijuana into the Public Conversation, and navigating the political landscape of marijuana policy in Oregon and as it relates to the rest of the nation.

AW 101 Politics from Home Now Starting

Writing Letters, Blogging, Networking, Affecting Policy Making, Working on Initiatives



HM100 Hash - The Art of Making Hash * Now Starting

Takes you through hands on modern techniques for the ultimate coinsure. Course materials will include  demonstrations.


Cooking, Tonics, Balms, Oils, Extracts and Incense

CTE100 Cooking  Now Starting

Butters and Oils, Candy and Deserts, Essential Oils, they all start with the base extract. Come learn how to extract the pure oils from your leaf to use for cooking and tonics. This process is centuries old and guarantees your only getting the quality essentials. Learn to get rid of the bitter chlorophyll tastes and ugly by-products with an easy, safe process.

OILS101 RSO, Rick Simpson Oils, Hash Oils, Hemp Oils  Now Starting

Learn to make and use RSO

CTE101 Tonics and Tincture Making  Now Starting

Learn to make tonics and tinctures

CTE102 Topical Salves and Balms  Now Starting

Make your own salves and balms

CTE103 Massage Oils - For Pain or Pleasure  Now Starting

We will teach you to make massage oils for fun or to relieve aches and pains.

CTE104 Cap Your Own Supplements  Now Starting

Make your own supplements by purchasing the bulk goods and copulating them for later use.

CTE105 Incense of the Ancients - How to Make Your Own  Now Starting

Make your own incense here.


Advanced Research Programs

SAT100 Medical Marijuana Strains, Applications, Treatments 

PDXU is working to create a complete symposium of types of popular medical marijuana, symptoms, applications, and treatments. This is an ongoing project to document medical marijuana patients’ experience with differing strains. Includes types of treatments and shows methods of induction, applications and more. Provides an introduction to the basic chemistry of Medical Marijuana.

 MMJ Strain Project

We are collecting Medical Marijuana Strain research data to utilize for our introductory classes being offered to Health Professionals as a credited course.

MMJ Seed Bank

We are hosting a seed bank to properly preserve known strains.


*Requires OMMP Card for Lab Use

See Calendar for Dates

For More Information Phone: 503-788-2349



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